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The Fire Department Rehab Unit (FDRU) of Stark County is a volunteer fire company comprised of retired and current firefighters that provide ground round support and scene specific rehabilitation services to fire departments and emergency response personnel in Stark County and the surrounding communities.

We serve all Fire Department Personnel in Stark County and surrounding areas and upon request, Police, FBI, ATF, EMA & DEA.  Our Units are available for major incidents including Fires, Hazardous Material spills, Bomb/Ordnance responses as well as long-term operations, such as extended investigations & SWAT operations, live-burn training, fire service training, and water rescue training.  Stark FDRU is on-call, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year and can be reached through your department's dispatch center.

When a need for our services and equipment is identified, the Incident Commander requests dispatch.  The specific information required and details related to the dispatch process can be found at Request Response.  Our volunteers respond urgently bringing the requested resources and equipment to the scene and remain on sight staffing the Rehab Trucks and freeing up fire department resources that can be focused on firefighting. 

To learn more about our organization, please contact us through the form on our Contact page.

Stark FDRU's Fleet & Equipment

We operate specially-equipped air conditioned and heated vehicles, capable of supplying up to 200 personnel. Equipment on board includes, enclosed shelters, folding tables & chairs, microwave oven, coffee maker, power generation, scene lighting, tent heaters (cold weather operations), misting unit fans (hot weather), core cooling vests, iced towels, heated blankets, video and digital camera equipment, thermal imager, portable restroom, carcinogen decontamination shower, an Inflatable decon shower, cascade SCBA mobile fill station, decon gear bags and much more. For very large incidents, we can deploy multiple units and setup zoned rehab sectors. We serve chilled water, electrolyte replacement fluids, coffee, hot chocolate, hot soups and nutritional foods.

Units #771 & #772 - Firefighter Rehab Trucks

Our Firefighter Rehab Trucks (#771 and #772) bring amenities to the scene that support emergency management personnel.  Stocked with food/beverage items, basic life support equipment and supplies, and temperature control (fans/heaters) equipment that help rejuvenate fire personnel, these trucks also provide transitional restroom facilities and decontamination showers.

Unit #777 - Air, Light, Firefighter Rehab, Decontamination, Search & Rescue Truck

FDRU's Unit #777 provides important support at the scene. In addition to firefighter rehab, Unit #777 has power generators, a light tower, air refill services for self-contained breathing bottles, decontamination shower and Search & Rescue equipment.


Off-Road Search & Rescue (SAR) Gator

Ideal for helping with off-road search and rescue and off-road firefighter rehabilitation, the Search & Rescue (SAR) Gator is also available to support department resources.

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About Stark FDRU

We are a volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) fire company comprised of retired and current firefighters dedicated to providing fire ground support services to emergency management personnel across Stark County and the surrounding communities.


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